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Yoga Therapy - Aroma Therapy - Corporate Change Agent

Christal Kerrigan

Pioneer, philosopher, visionary.

Bridge between alternative and holistic nursing practice.
Gifted, great magnetism, warmth and humor.

Speaker ... runs ahead of the pack making changes before they are accepted and are part of the status quo.
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Christal Kerrigan RN, MA

Christal is an RN with a Master of Arts degree in Human Behavior. She has integrated traditional and holistic medicine throughout her career.. Christal is a former Nursing Service Administrator at Scripps Institute. She has also worked as a psychiatric nurse clinician at Navy Medical Center in San Diego with wounded warriors returning from Iraq and Afghanistan and in every speciality in the nursing field.

Her own transformational journey has given her unique insight into the healing process She traveled to India ,South America and New Mexico where she studied with Shamans and Native American Medicine Women and Men.

Christal 's experience and studies have shown her that Loving Presence and Compassion along with traditional or alternative modalities calls forth the inner healer  and teacher of the client

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Case Study of a Healer
Christal Kerrigan

I found someone who could give me tremendous insight into how she has been able to merge the western medical perspective with various complimentary and alternative medical practices in a career that has spanned over forty years ... Learn More

Aroma Therapy

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Yoga Therapy

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Embracing Change

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Well Being is Balance

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Shamans & Healers

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